We are a community builder, a social filter and an enabler. You are passionate, selective and ahead of the times.

We foster meaningful interactions that keep you moving forward. We are trailblazers and rebels. We are all about helping you live the life you want, not the life society wants you to live.

The Internet has been trying hard, but it’s failing us. It is designed for everyone, yet it gives us a strong feeling of loneliness. It’s easy to express ourselves, but it’s harder to feel understood. We believe you deserve better. You should never feel like you don’t belong, because you do. You are unique and you have your own needs and desires. Maybe some of them are only shared with a handful of people. Maybe not. That doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you get the most relevant advice, make the right decisions, join the most fascinating conversations, find the coolest places, and boost your well-being. This is what we want for you as a Leepse member.

We created for you the first digital houses for like-minded people. A space away from all the noise. A space where you can have fun. A space where you can share and grow. A space where you can be yourself. A space where you are not judged. A space where you are understood. A space for self-expression.

Your digital space.

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