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What’s Leepse?


Why do our students need Leepse?


What does Leepse look like?


How can you roll it out so fast?


Our value proposition



What makes Leepse different from Facebook, Yammer, Teams, Slack & Co?


What are your key strengths?


Launching Leepse on your campus



We love it! How can we get started?


We have filled the form, what now?

Can you help me fill the form?






Which platforms are you on?


Do I need to pay for it?


But how do you make money?


Are you GDPR compliant?


Do you sell data?






Can our students exclusively talk to their peers (intra-school)?


We have international students, can they use the app?


How do you keep the community healthy?






Can schools directly communicate to our own students through Leepse?


How do we keep track of what’s happening?


My question is not listed here, what do I do?


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