Community rules


Leepse is a space to meet and talk with people to get a digital social life. When you create a Leepse account, you instantly become part of a positive community of people.

We trust your judgement, and you are responsible for what you post — for better or for worse.

Below are some guidelines that will help you better understand the Leepse community.

We designed this platform to create new relationships through group discussions.

You might encounter posts or comments you don’t like, and if you believe something should be reported, you can do it in a heartbeat by using this button to quickly categorize your report. The rule is simple: every time a post or comment gets reported by a user or has been flagged by our moderation technology, our internal processes will determine if it should be rightfully moderated. If so, the poster will be banned. We refuse to tolerate any forms of bad behavior on the platform.

We aspire to build a Leepse state of mind where everyone feels safe. Don’t forget that this is your community. So treat it the way you should — with love and respect!


Account creation


We kindly ask you

  • Do not create multiple accounts to have access to different tags. Your tags define you and we have specific rules for editing each tag. For example, you can change your location whenever you want but not your personality traits. You can find out more about our policy under “Request a tag change” in your settings.
  • It is important that you feel comfortable using our like and report features, as well as giving us more details by reporting abusive content responsibly using the button. That helps us keep discussions clean and enjoyable for everyone.

Disclosure of personal information

We kindly ask you

  • Do not post or ask for any bank account details, addresses, phone numbers, license plates, social media accounts or any other personal information.
  • You can post names of people of public interest. Lara Croft, for example, is okay, as well as schools or public places, restaurants, etc.

We still ask you to keep your personal data to yourself so it is completely secure.


If we spot illegal activity on Leepse, we reserve the right to cooperate with the relevant authorities depending on the matter to prevent such activities. This includes — also in case of suspicion — the communication of relevant data with respect to the data protection law and GDPR requirements.


Harassment, racism and promotion of violence


No one wants to be bullied so we kindly ask you

  • Do not post any content promoting violence.
  • Do not post any insults, threats or hate speech towards anyone based on gender, ethnicity, religion, physical appearance, disability, sexual orientation, or anything else.
  • You can post and comment with humor but make sure they do not hurt any other members of the community and give off positive vibes.


Sexual content


We kindly ask you

  • Do not submit any content promoting nudity or sexually explicit material. We don’t tolerate any kind of sexual harassment on Leepse.
  • It is okto ask general questions about sexual topics or to seek advice, for example Have you ever had sex with more than one person?


Reposts and third-party content


We kindly ask you

  • Do not post the same posts and comments in a repetitive way, be original!
  • Do not post content you don’t have the license to post.

Leepse was designed to enable you to talk and meet new people, so share real stories and ask real questions about you or your environment.


Advertisements and spamming


We kindly ask you

  • Do not postany sort of adverts, spams, may it be repetitive content, a type of commercial, or any other unsolicited offers.


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