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We build communities of people sharing similar characteristics and experiences. Based on who you are, we will assign you to a digital house with people just like you.

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Leepse is a social filter

We do the footwork for you. We make sure your house is made up of people like you and we constantly create new spaces to find your ideal community. This way, you can be yourself.
No judgement, no peer pressure, pure freedom.

Our purpose

Your peers share your tastes.
Ask for recommendations on anything.

  • Stop following recommendations from people who have nothing in common with you
  • Start discovering things you'll wish you had known sooner

Your peers share your perspective on life.
Seek advice from them.

  • Stop getting advice from random people who live completely different lives
  • Start getting advice from people who know what it feels like to be in your shoes

Your privacy is important to us. And it’s not for sale.
That is why we don't sell data to third parties and we don't run ads.

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Hold tight while we get to know you and identify your crowd

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Change houses as you grow…

Enter new houses that match your evolution as a person

…And as new houses emerge

Switch houses when we find a new community that is a better fit for you